Almost 30 years..

I said to Him:

“Can you believe we have almost been married 30 years!”

And he replied ” Who dat!”

On tumbler this image represented “who dat”

Last minute loss to the Dolphins.


Minding Marilyn

I am soooo close / I can taste victory!


Excerpt from “After 22 Years as Chief Rabbi of the U.K., Jonathan Sacks Wants To Go Global. By Yair Rosenberg.

“Now, my late father, alav ha-shalom, didn’t have much Jewish education, but he had enormous emunah [faith],” Sacks continued. “I used to watch him saying Tehillim in the hospital, and I could see him getting stronger. It seemed to me that his mental attitude was ‘I’m leaving this to Hashem. If he sees that it’s time for me to go, then it’s time for me to go. And if he still needs me to do things here, he’ll look after me.’”

“And I adopted exactly that attitude. So on both occasions I felt, if this is the time Hashem needs me up there, thank you very much indeed for my time down here; I’ve enjoyed every day and feel very blessed. And if he wants me to stay and there’s still work for me to do, then he is going to be part of the refu’ah [healing] and I put my trust in him. So there was no test of faith at any point—just these simple moments at which to say, ‘b’yado afkid ruchi’ [‘In his hand, I place my soul’]. That was my thought. And since we say that every day in Adon Olam, I didn’t feel the need to write a book about it. It was for me not a theological dilemma at all.”

“I had faith,” said Sacks, “full stop.”

Los Molinos Alto Boquete Panama

Los Molinos Alto Boquete Panama



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